Your brand, your products


Your brand, your products

Market your site, sell your products, ship them and take your profits.

If you have an existing business or established supplies, Xoppon is an ideal solution to take your business to the next level, giving you an immediate additional profit centre. It’s easy to set up your site and payment providers, you can even choose to accept digital currency too.

Alternatively, if you want to expand the range of your products, or if you are new to E -    commerce and want to source goods, you can take advantage of the Xoppon Repository to help you build your E-commerce business and your brand.


The Xoppon Repository is a central hub containing many Product Lines where Owners who need products to offer for sale can select items to feature and sell from their store. As an Owner this means that you have access to an exciting range of products that can be fulfilled for you. Allowing you to choose the market you wish to focus on.

As an Owner who has an existing product line, you can expand your business by listing your own Products in the Repository for other Owners to sell. This means these Owners simply list, market and sell the products, the customer buys, the order is sent through to the Repository where it is processed and you fulfill it to the customer. The Owner who sold the product receives commission on the sale. The Repository opens the Xoppon global sales network to you and the products you supply.

This is a win -    win -    win situation for the supplier, the seller and the customer.

No webmaster skills needed

Xoppon is easy to join and simple to set up so you can create an online business whether you are a computer expert or complete novice.

Choose from a fully customize range of themed blank template websites or select one of our 'Done For You' stores that are pre-loaded with products available for you to sell where you can be up and running in minutes. We arrange the supply and fulfillment of the products, you simple market them and take your profits!

As a Xoppon Owner, you will receive marketing assistance, training and support to help you build your e-commerce business. By building your own e-commerce store you can earn money 24/seven as the Internet never sleeps, many people are excited about the prospect of creating an income stream that has the potential of funding their retirement. So if you want to build a strong income that, in the long term, can pay you passively, Xoppon gives you the power to achieve this.

A Comprehensive Rewards Programme

As an Owner, you can even benefit from our Loyalty Rewards Programme, providing support to ecological and humanitarian projects and giving you and your customers the bonus of additional spending power in return for positive business activity using Xoppon services.